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Nikon Super Coolscan ED + Feeder - used - ScanDig GmbH

I can recommend this scanner without reservation. It is a phenomenal piece of equipment.

Even with the age of this device this nikon coolscan 5000 is probably the best way to scan negative films. Some even say this machine is gold standard.

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This machine is heavy and is built like a tank. Quality of the nikon coolscan 5000 is also unbeatable. The software originally provided is way out of date, most likely unusable with modern systems. Best to use a modern scanner software replacement like Vuescan for this device. Our powerful, full-featured photo editing programs lets you nikon coolscan 5000 and fine-tune your shots - delivering professional results with the utmost of ease.

Hire Nikon Coolscan LS 5000 Printer

Brochure Price List Sport Optics. The damage often is irreparable.

Product description This scanner has been used in our training room for a long period. There is a specific setting for Kodachrome which was my main slide film. The only drawbacks are that it does take some time to scan each slide, more than just a few seconds, and the machine makes nikon coolscan 5000 bit of noise.

These are minor issues. Mac OS X It is very important that the film roll is correctly trimmed, nikon coolscan 5000 otherwise the scanner doesn't automatically find the beginning of the first image on the roll.


After nikon coolscan 5000 everything goes on as already known: you can perform index scans, prescans and fine scans. It's amazing how fast an index scan is performed: in one minute the index images of a whole 36 frames film roll appear on your screen. This index scan is very important, because you can see if the film scanner drew the film correctly in and if the film roll is trimmed correctly. By means of the index images you can make significant adjustments for every single frame by setting the image position.

You can indeed define the scan area as usual with a frame, but nikon coolscan 5000 the scanner can't correctly distinguish the single frames on the film roll for example with several night shots you can find the correct images by setting the image position manually.

This procedure is very time-consuming of course, because the settings have to be made for every single image. Often the software automatically detects the single frames though, so that nikon coolscan 5000 is no need to set up the image position at all. A few words to Nikon's sales policy: one could easily do without the film drum on the backside. It's nice indeed, if the film is neatly spooled onto a large drum, but scanning film rolls works well without a film drum on the nikon coolscan 5000 side of the scanner, too. The film adaptor which you insert into the scanner slot is practically identical to the serial SA So those who scan film rolls only occasionally, could actually cope with the supplied accessory of a Nikon scanner.

But those users as well have to buy the expensive roll film adaptor SA Considering this I can only compliment Reflecta's sales policy, because virtually all of their scanners can not only handle film strips but film rolls as well. How many people have thousands or even ten thousands of mounted 35mm slides in magazines, boxes and other containers, whitch they'd like to digitise?

Used Nikon Coolscan 5000 ED With MA-21/SA-21 - Good

Often a whole family life is documented in a wardrobe full of slide magazines. With such stocks of films you won't get far with single scans or with film holders carrying slides at once. For this kind of application there is Nikon's slide feeder SF available as optional and expensive accessory for the Super Coolscan ED. The slide feeder SF is attached to the scanner in the same way as the serial film adaptors until it snaps in. The scanner needn't be turned off for doing that and the slide feeder is nikon coolscan 5000 detected automatically.OPTIONAL: Roll film adapter SA for up to 40 frames on an uncut roll of 35mm film.

LCD, Video and Photo Gallery images are for illustrative purposes only. Plustek OpticFilm i Ai High Resolution Film and Slide Scanner, dpi Optical Resolution, bit. Plustek OpticFilm i SE, 35mm Film & Slide Scanner. dpi / bit Output.


Pacific Image PowerFilm Automatic 35mm Film Scanner - Batch scanning up to 10 Film Strips (6.

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