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But what we have here is the Ion Tape2PC USB cassette ion tape2pc, a handy device targeted quite unashamedly at the more occasional taper, who probably has some interesting old cassettes floating around and nothing convenient to play them on. So, says Ion, transfer your cassettes to MP3 and you can continue to enjoy their contents from hard disk, CD or iThingie.

With that express aim in mind, the Tape2PC is a cassette player with a USB output, allowing easy connection to any modern home computer. In addition to creating MP3 files right on your computer, the software will allow you to transfer your new crisp, clean files straight to your iTunes account. What's In the Box? Upgrading your favorite recordings has never been easier! What started ion tape2pc a simple string and pedal sales catalog has grown exponentially over the past thirty years. The early days were a time where catalogs didn't have much of a presence in the industry, but what began as a college dorm room operation grew rapidly. In we moved to a full product offering and page catalog, which over the years has grown to pages.

July 31st : Super easy ion tape2pc quick to place the order, Thanks! July 31st : I can't speak on anything at this moment because I don't have the product yet.

Ion Audio Tape2Pc Usb Cassette Archiver To Mp3

This includes books, videotapes, DVDs, sample libraries, style disks, sound expansion boards, and software ion tape2pc may also include software bundled with hardware. This includes cleaning supplies and care products. This includes wind instruments, mouthpieces, guitar talk boxes, earplugs, and ion tape2pc earphones.

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This includes all guitar, amplifier, and turntable parts. This includes shirts, hats, and gloves. This includes tubes, strings, pickups, raw frame speakers, drum heads, drumsticks, cymbals, cowbells, and harmonicas. These items can only be returned to us if ion tape2pc are unopened.

ION TAPE2PC - dual cassette deck Specs & Prices - CNET

MP3 conversion through iTunes. Remember the cost of all those tapes.

You know, the ones which you can't find a CD or Ion tape2pc copies of? Well, that is why I baught this. To preserve my origninal investment, while getting to enjoy the albums that are for now, unreplaceable.


The problem is that this is not a complete system. You will have to download the iTunes system for it to work as no other format converter is able to recieve the data for conversion, and then, iTunes requires more down loads, but ion tape2pc be fun as you add iTunes Store Downloads to you conversions. I use thumbdrives to provide primary storage of all downloads and conversions so I don't use up prescious HD space. Turn the gain knob until the meters are in this healthy spot, and then rewind the tape and start the digitizing process. When you finish recording your cassette into the computer, the EZ Converter software will prompt you to type in the artist and song names.

The software then automatically loads the recorded files into iTunes. All said, the Ion Tape 2 PC is a pretty handy product. It does what it claims to do: it makes it easy to load the audio from magnetic tape cassettes into the cold, binary computer realm. If you have any questions about the Ion Tape 2 PC, we encourage you to ask them in the Comment section, below. Is it merel ALC or a high frequency filter? Both can be used for playback, and Deck B may also be used for recording, great for dubbing tapes, or recording external sources to tape. Not only are you ion tape2pc to connect the deck to your computer via the included USB cable, but you also have the ability to connect other analog devices, such as an 8-track tape, vinyl ion tape2pc player or any device that has RCA ports, to capture and digitize audio.

If you don't want a full tape deck, consider this product's little brother - Tape Express Plus. Another big difference between this device and other products on our lineup is how it draws its power. The smaller, more portable devices drew their power either from AA batteries, a USB connection to your computer or a DC adapter you can plug into the wall. This is great because this application is specifically designed to work with Ion hardware.


Most of the other programs we reviewed come with a copy of Audacity, ion tape2pc free audio recording ion tape2pc editing application.Turn your cassette tapes into MP3s*. Tape 2 PC™ is a revolutionary tape deck that plays and records tapes, with a twist: it turns your music into MP3s*!

ION TAPE2PC - dual cassette deck Specs & Prices

Tape 2. DIGITNOW USB Audio Capture Card Grabber for Vinyl Ion tape2pc Tapes to Digital MP3 Converter. Cassette Player Tape to MP3 Converter via USB Retro Walkman Auto Reverse Portable Audio.

Dual Stereo Cassette Tape Deck - Clear Audio Double Player Recorder System w/ MP3 Music Converter.

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