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This is a newer version of the HP remote.

Like the older remotes it uses the Microsoft eHome drive so the buttons can be configured by modifying ehome receiver registry. Ehome receiver that and I assume the one pictured the button numbers for the replay button top-middle and the TV button top-right are 80 and 39 respectively. Hope that helps.

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There have been various problems reported ehome receiver using this device on XP. In other cases, it was not recognized as a Microsoft eHome device a patch from HP may be requiredbut as a FinTek eHome device after getting the hacked Fintek driver.


The FinTek driver does not work on some XP configurations cause unknown. Plug into a USB2 port, otherwise, you will get 'random' data ehome receiver a keys is pressed, or worse hangs, etc. Note that on some systems even the USB2 port will not work. This may be due to newer chipsets or firmware z97, ASRock.

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ehome receiver It only takes a minute to sign up. I'm using Windows 10 OEM, cleanly installedand trying to get my old Windows Media Center remote control to work at least for volume, play, pause, next track, etc.

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Click Check Your Remoteand then click Next. Press the numbers on your remote control.

Using a Microsoft remote control in Windows

The corresponding numbers on the numbers on the screen should glow when each button is pressed. A faint red light should also glow inside the IR receiver each time a button on the remote pressed. Hopefully it works in a similar way. I do have one problem though, some functions getting sent twice. Like when Ehome receiver hit UP on my keyboard, I see cursor moving up twice, same with left, right down, mute. I cannot mute anything, it hits the button twice. The button numbers obey no obvious logic.


To give a specific example, suppose you want to configure the Play button to send the Media Center keyboard shortcut for "Play", the 7 bytes would be:. If byte 4 is set to 01 the eHome driver may generate a multimedia keyboard keypress. The multimedia ehome receiver have key codes that can be greater than 0xFF so they need two bytes to represnt them. Community Activity Refresh.

But essentially what is happening is the devices are getting powered down before EG gets the notification of the power state change. If you have EG as one of the first things to run you will ehome receiver less likely to have this problem. So EG sees the devices get unplugged ehome receiver then the computer goes into a low power state.

When the computer resumes the same thing happens with the devices power being turned back on and the applications being told to start running again. In some cases the devices will get plugged back in powered on before EG resumes so it never sees the devices get added. Report Offensive Content. Byte 5 is used for the low byte and byte 6 is used for the high byte, though in most cases the high byte will be zero. This means that there is no byte available to specify the key modifiers, so you cannot combine a multimedia ehome receiver with ctrl, shift, alt, etc. Play then Pause the media on alternate presses.


The 7 bytes would be:. We have ratings, but no written reviews for this, yet.

Created inour articles have been read more than 1 billion times. Now I have to run the above commands at each reboot. Is there a way to have the keystrokes of the keyboard recognized. ehome receiver


Even tho I use mostly the remote, the keyboard comes in handy for searches, passwords, etc.I have a HTPC that was running Win 7, and used a Fusion Dvico remote (plugged into USB port) for control of my WMC, and also Emby. After upgrading, finally to Win 10, I have a curious but not unheard of problem, that when the HTPC is turned ehome receiver, the remote IR receiver driver is not. Many different devices are installed on a PC, and users may not fully understand the function of some of these devices. One such device is the Microsoft eHome.

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