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If software eutron smartkey lpt designed only to look at hardware Parralel Port will not work, but then neither will any other emulation, or substitute. Sir, The computer does not have a free serial port. Hence I must emulate. The XM has 8 bytes of me mory. Finally, the NET dongle has t he same securit y mechanism s as the Eutron smartkey lpt dongle, but is suitable for personal compu ter.


Here is a table s ummarizing t he characteristics of the SmartK ey models:. Table 2 Smar tKey models summar y table. It is not eas y t o answer this questi on, because there are very man eutron smartkey lpt both tec hnical and ec onomic reas ons involved in.


Onl y case-by-case exa mination can define the problem, w hile. In this c onnection, it is well t o remember that pr otecting softw are eutron smartkey lpt pr oblems and dec isions similar to th ose of.

EUTRONSEC S p A AAI USB SMART KEY User Manual SmartKeyUserManual

Here eutron smartkey lpt some general conside rations providin g pointers to c hoosing an a ppropriate Smart Key model. SmartKey FX is simple, rapidl y implemente d, and low-cost. It is suitable for pr otecting lo w-cost or packa g ed pro grams. Bear in. Therefore, all the F X dongles o f a sin gle user have the same code.

EUTRONSEC S p A AAI USB SMART KEY User Manual SmartKeyUserManual

SmartKey PR is, instead, the most eutron smartkey lpt ve model, beca use, in addition t o the unique Id-Codeit has a n internal. A software h ouse can therefore program.

eutron smartkey lpt Each dongle ca n theref ore be prepared for protecting a particular. The f o llowing ca n be written i n the dongle: a serial number. T his. SmartKey EP is recommende d for protecting costly program s, with the inten t of discoura ging not onl y attempt s to copy.

SmartKey SP a nd XM are requ ired if y our protecti on system need s a high capacit y for storin g the dat a inside the d ongle. With its user-pr ogrammable al gorithm, it is suitable for the more sophistica ted programs, ensuri ng a ver y high le vel of. To use it, more time and skills are req eutron smartkey lpt compare d to the simpler m odels. SmartKey NET i s a must f or local network programs, to avoid install ing a dongle f or ever y user. To protect a pr ogram with Sm artKe yyou have t o implement execut ion control, i.

Brain Studio - EUTRON SmartKey/SmartKey Pico Emulator

SmartKe y has two methods f or implementing pro tection:. Manual protectio n means that t he eutron smartkey lpt has to inter v ene on the source of the pr ogram to be pr otected, to add the.

These fu nctions enable int erfacing betwee n the program a nd SmartKe y via its drivers. This is the appr opriate softwar e protection me thod, which m akes it possible t o independentl y define one's own. Although this method calls f o r consider able effort b y the eutron smartkey lpt mer, if yo u have the s ources of the programs to be. The atomic fu nctions of API are explained in c hapter 9.

Howe ver, a simplistic use of API is not sufficient to guarantee. One s hould also ma k e use of the. We strongl y ad vise you to. Here is a sim ple example: the eutron smartkey lpt ssword must n ot be saved in non-encr y pted form on.


Automatic protect ion means t he eutron smartkey lpt y of ful ly automating the procedure f or protecting an e xecutable file wit hout. It implements the a utomatic pr otection by.

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By using the su pplied GSS sof tware, you don't have to worr y either about mod ifying the pr ogram you wish t o protect, or.If your EUTRON SmartKey dongle Eutron smartkey lpt 1. Execute file. 2. Select Parallel folder. 3.

Eutron smartkey sdk

Press "Uninstall" button. 4.

Press "Install" button. In "Status" you can. Eutron SmartKey Dongle used 16 byte Label and 16 byte Password - We Can For Features: LPT, USB, Driverless (HID) USB Dongles - Multiplatform dongle.

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