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You can now lift the motherboard out of the "bottom plastic" and have access to the dc jack. Soldering of the power connector can start. Dell Inspiron M.

The owner of this laptop bought the jack from exper m622-ucx notebook and tried to do it himself. I never recommend this but I'll sell you the jack if you really want. This laptop uses a nine pin jack which is pretty rare. I feel like dell doesn't use much solder and that's part of the problem on these. This jack style usually has small burns on the voltage pins that create the ability to wiggle it to get it to charge.

In this case the jack was just loose and as always needed to be replaced. He brought it back to me with a bad solder job can't blame someone who's probably never done this and one of the voltage pins didn't have enough solder. I simply gave it the exper m622-ucx notebook solder job like seen on the side pictures and that was all I could do.

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Toshiba M These laptops use a cable style dc jack that plugs into the motherboard via a cable. Unless the dc jack itself is physically damaged it's probably not the dc jack but rather a bad exper m622-ucx notebook adapter. Every time I've looked at one of these laptops it's been a bad adapter.Downnload HCL MUCX laptop drivers or install DriverPack Solution software for driver update. Exper MUCX Menteşe Kapakları 2.

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