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Component video output on the back panel Component video output on the back panel X.

Asus p4g8x lan driver

DisplayPort on the back asus p4g8x ethernet controller DisplayPort on the back panel X. Coaxial output on the back panel Coaxial output on the back panel X. Optical output on the back panel Optical output on the back panel X. Motherboard power jack Motherboard power jack X.

Motherboard specification ASUS P4G8X

Cooling system type Cooling system type X. But it also increases the latency of the small writes and can cause slowdowns when the writes are more random This extra latency that you get when enabling USWC can work for you on a high overclock by allowing the AGP card more time between writes. The benefit of asus p4g8x ethernet controller higher PCI Latency setting is that hard drive performance improves noticeably. Kortet har ellers innebygget funksjonalitet som: C.

ASUS P4G8X Deluxe

Man slipper mao. Uansett ikke noe stort poeng for de fleste, men vi noterer likevel et lite pluss i margen her. ADI brikken, som vi bl. Begge de to tilkoplingene for f. Hovedkortet ble testet med minneinnstillingeneasus p4g8x ethernet controller et par Twinx-moduler fra Corsair. Likevel scorer P4G8X f.

Ingen enorme forskjeller mellom de ulike hovedkortene i 3D-renderingmotoren Cinema4D, men dette ASUS-kortet er tydelig helt i tetsjiktet. I Cipher-testen i Sciencemark 2.

Kortet er stabilt som fjell, yter meget godt og kommer med en imponerende bundle. Here we introduce the latest p4 motherboard offering from Asus, along with the latest chipset from Intel. Asus have a strong reputation for making good solid boards, for the mainstream market. The P4G8X is practically the top of the range motherboard, awarded the 'deluxe' title from Asus, only being eclipsed by the 'gold' model which features a software bundle. This board is absolutely laden with features as we shall find out shortly The P4G8X is simply the lowest performing platform in the bunch. Further, at low resolutions, overclocking buys a noticeable performance gain, but that same gain shrinks and then disappears at higher resolutions.

Quake III v. That is to say, at low resolutions they are both bested by the asus p4g8x ethernet controller platform.


At x and above, The E and iPE boards take the lead. And again, overclocking is unable to yield a significant performance gain for the P4G8X. As a flight simulator, the Comanche 4 demo has proven to be fairly dependant on processor performance so it is no surprise that the overclocked P4G8X running with asus p4g8x ethernet controller 3. Overclocking is easiest seen in the botmatch sequence, where processor performance is more heavily emphasized, as opposed to the flyby demo.

SiSoft Sandra Memory Bandwidth Notes We all know that the iE is capable of performing very well in memory bandwidth benchmarks. Sandra shows the P4TC transferring more than 3. The P4G8X peaks at 3.


Even better, the overclocked platform demonstrated an impressive 3. Performance: Expectations commonly lead to disappointment — just remember back to when you learned Santa Claus was little more than a fictitious fantasy.

Stability: The E chipset is classified by Intel as a workstation component.P4G8X. Select Other Model. Quickly access your product support. REGISTER YOUR PRODUCT Driver & Tools.

Driver & Tools · BIOS & FIRMWARE. The Asus P4G8X Deluxe Motherboard Intel E - Granite Bay Infused Asus uses a Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet controller, versus the Intel.

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