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Other embodiments provide electronic cards of different sizes and formats.

Track one coil and track two coil are aligned to make optimal contact mcguire magtek magnetic stripe reader device The Smart Card is inserted mcguire magtek a Smart Card reader which makes electrical contact with the contact pads to nagtek power to and communications with the secure processor. Once encapsulation is completed, the first phase of manufacture is completed.


As such, a counterfeit transaction card can be freely used by a thief until it is cancelled. In another exemplary embodiment, mcguire magtek coil includes a wire wound around the core.

In another exemplary embodiment, the coil includes a wire formed around the core by a process including at least the deposition of conductive material and the etching of the conductive material. In an embodiment, set forth by way of example rather than limitation, a mcguire magtek for creating a low-loop bonding for thin profile applications includes attaching a first surface of a fabricated semiconductor die to a first surface of a substrate having a plurality of substrate contact pads, such that a second mcguire magtek of the die which opposes the first surface is exposed to provide access to a plurality of die contact pads, wire bonding a first end of a wire to a substrate contact pad; and wire bonding a second end of the wire to a die contact pad, such that the loop height of the wire is no greater that 5 mils above the second surface of the die, and no greater than 20 mils above the first surface of the substrate.

These and other embodiments, aspects and advantages will become apparent to those of skill in the art upon a reading of the following descriptions and a study of the various figures of the drawing. Several exemplary embodiments will now be described with reference to the drawings, wherein like components are provided with like reference numerals. The exemplary embodiments are intended to illustrate, but not to limit. The drawings include the following figures:.


As noted, there are a great many applications for electronic cards. One of many applications is to provide security for financial transactions, e. In the following exemplary embodiments, particular emphasis will be placed on transaction card security, with the understanding that other uses for enhanced electronic security, such as, but not limited to, access control, are within the true spirit and scope of the invention. The mcguire magtek body may be made from a thermoplastic material, such as polyvinylchloride PVC in exemplary embodiments, but other materials with sufficient flexibility and durability are also suitable. For example, other thermoplastics can be used, as well as thin metal e. Still other materials, such as resins, carbon fibers, organic and non-organic materials, etc.

In summary, card body 11 can be made from any suitable material which is strong enough and durable enough to be used as a transaction card. The exemplary electronic card 10 has a front surface 12 which is provided with an electrical interface This is one non-limiting example of a communication port for the electronic card In other embodiments, the interface 16 may be eliminated, or additional communication ports may be provided.

In this exemplary embodiment, the electronic card is usable as a legacy mode Smart Card. Also shown on the front surface 12 is an institution identifier 18an institution number 20an account mcguire magtek 22and a client name The account number is preferably embossed on the electronic card 10 to provide raised numerals for credit card imprint machines. In this exemplary embodiment, a magnetic stripe emulator 26 is provided on the back surface 14 which can be used to communicate with legacy magnetic stripe readers of the prior art.


The stripe emulator 26 is therefore another non-limiting example of a communications port. Also seen on the exemplary card back 14 are a plurality of account interfaces Each account interface 34 preferably has account indicator LED 36 and an account selector switch Each account interface 34 may also have, for example, printed information identifying the account mcguire magtek expiration date.


This exemplary embodiment is provided by way of example mcguire magtek not limitation. It is to be understood that changes and variations may be made by those of ordinary skill in the art without departing from the spirit or the scope of the present invention, which is set forth mfguire the following claims. Die 56 is mounted on PC board using an adhesive or other bonding material magteek forms the physical connection between processor 56 and printed circuit board The magnetic signal created by the broadcaster therefore tends to be substantially uniform along its length.

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  • WO2006116772A9 – Electronic cards and methods for making same – Google Patents

As will be appreciated by those skilled in the art, mcguire magtek ferromagnetic core can be coated with an insulating film, and then coated with a conductive usually metal layer of, for example, copper or aluminum or alloys thereof by, by way of example mcguire magtek not limitation, sputtering and nano-sputtering techniques. In the present example, the processor die 56 is about 9- 10 mils, and the adhesive is about mils, resulting in a height D of about mils.Mcguire magtek driver Free Driver Download for Windows 10,8, 7, XP 2. World's most popular driver download site.

MCGUIRE MAGTEK DRIVER Mcguire magtek - Previously described wiring bonding process may be performed in an operation to electrically connect the die to the.

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