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The inner structure of the Fuser Belt is, as shown in the figure below, designed to generate a pressure on the Belt and the Heat Roll Nip Part to contact them firmly each other. The toner melts by the Heat Roll heated by epson aculaser c1100 Heater Lamp in the Fuser Epson aculaser c1100, and then the toner is fixed on the paper by the pressure of the Fuser Belt.

The Belt Cleaner contacts the Belt only when cleaning the Belt to prevent the toner image formed on the Belt surface from being destroyed. Toner remaining epson aculaser c1100 the Belt surface is absorbed by the Cleaning Roll.


Then, the toner is absorbed by the brush and collected in the Waste Toner Box. Epson aculaser c1100 single-color image 2-D dot image is completed by performing the above operation repeatedly over the entire surface of the image.

AcuLaser C - Epson Australia

To obtain a full color image, formation of 2-D dot images is performed for each of the four colors. Resolution is determined as follows:. The components epson aculaser c1100 divided into four blocks as follows based on the epson aculaser c1100 configuration. During paper feed, the shaft rotates, releasing the clamping action of the cam, and the paper is pressed against the ROLL MSI by spring pressure. When the printer runs out paper, the actuator of the sensor comes down by its own weight and shields the sensor, and the no paper state is detected.

If the light emitted from the light emitter of the sensor is reflected by the media, the sensor judges that the media is plain paper. In the registration section, the leading edge of the paper is aligned to the correct position by the Roll Loop system. When the printer runs out paper, the actuator of the sensor comes down by its own weight to shield the sensor, and the no paper state is detected. When the paper ejected from the Fuser epson aculaser c1100 to the catch tray side, the Motor starts to rotate in reverse, and the paper is fed to the Transport epson aculaser c1100. The Xerographic is divided into the following four blocks based on the basic configuration.

ROS consists of the components shown in Figure PWBA LD constantly monitors the laser light intensity so that laser intensity stabilizes to the appropriate level when making the epson aculaser c1100 latent image. The Scanner Assy consists of a Scanner Motor that operates at a fixed speed and a polygon mirror attached to the Motors rotary shaft. The polygon mirror has six reflecting mirror surfaces, and the angle of the reflected laser beam changes by rotation of the Scanner Motor. This lets the laser beam scan across on the Drum from side to side. The laser beam makes a single line on the Drum with one reflective mirror. The laser beam reflected by the polygon mirror passes through the lens, mirror and window to reach the drum surface.

The lens functions to compensate for aberration, the mirror to ensure an optical path, and the window to prevent the entry of foreign bodies into ROS.

The timing to start writing image data must synchronize exactly with the beginning epson aculaser c1100 laser scanning in order to properly form an electrostatic latent image on the drum surface. These voltage value are used for controlling toner density.

Photoconductor Unit The toner images of each color developed on the drum surface are transferred to the IBT Belt epson aculaser c1100 color at a time from 1st BTR, and the full color toner image is formed by overlaying the four colors. The full color toner image is transferred to paper by positively charging the paper with the 2nd BTR. The Drum is made of conductive material aluminum cylinder coated with a photosensitive material which becomes insulating material in darkness and becomes conductive when it is subjected to light.


The Drum Cleaner consists of a Cleaning Blade and Waste Toner Box, and scrapes off toner remaining on the drum surface by the Cleaning Blade that contacts with the drum. This actuator epson aculaser c1100 as the amount of collected waste toner increases to block light entering the sensor to detect a full toner state.


The 1st BTR contacts the back side of the belt to positively charge it. The Motor is connected to the Drum via a coupling. Toner remaining on the drum is scraped off by the Cleaning Blade, and collected in the Waste Toner Box. The epson aculaser c1100 is supported epson aculaser c1100 a spring, and is designed to gradually fall by the weight of the toner. Toner Cartridge Toner Cartridge supplies toner and carrier.

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And it has a separate chamber for collecting depleted carrier. This is called Trickle Epson aculaser c1100 System. To prevent inserting another color's by mistake, the location of the holes are different from each other.

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The home position is about 10 degrees CW from the transfer position of the black toner Developer.The Epson AcuLaser C is the affordable colour and monochrome laser printer that delivers high-speed, photo quality prints for small businesses and. GENERAL. PRODUCT NAME, AcuLaser C PRODUCT CODE, C11C PRODUCT NAME, AcuLaser CN (with epson aculaser c1100 BaseTx Network Interface).

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