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When you move to an area miomap v3 TMC information, the indicator will show the frequency, and detailed information for the TMC station.

The radio station will be added to the list of excluded stations, MioMap will start searching for another TMC station, and will always skip the excluded station in the future. Tap this button to toggle between the two possibilities. Tap this button to have MioMap ignore real-time traffic information when planning routes. Tip: If you make a route planning for a future journey, it may be better to turn off TMC corrected route planning. Disabling it will not prevent the system from using TMC data for route planning, but will not trigger an automatic recalculation when the traffic conditions change during your journey. One of the most frequently used functions of MioMap is selecting the destination. Once you have the destination, you can start navigating. Getting to this point should be as fast as possible. MioMap provides you with a versatile search engine designed to find your chosen destination after only a few taps on the screen.

Note: If you select a location in any part of the Find system, you will normally drop back to the map screen, where you will miomap v3 several possible actions set as start, set as destination, add as via, continue route with, mark with a pin, or add as a POI item. However, if you enter the Find system from the Main Menu, MioMap will immediately put you into Cockpit mode and start navigation. These will put you on the respective Find screen, and as soon as you pick a destination, MioMap will immediately show the Cockpit screen and start navigation. This means that if you plan your route to one of your Favourite destinations, you only need two taps e. Favourites then Home to start navigating. You will find similar buttons in the Find menu Page 59 accessible from the map screens. Activated from the map screens, they will only move the cursor to the desired location, but will not directly initiate navigation.

Just browse to your desired destination on the map, tap it, and the Cursor menu with the possible actions will then open automatically.

Mio MioMap v3.3 Manuals

Note: When appearing automatically, the Cursor menu remains open for a few seconds only. If you decide not to choose any of the actions listed, the menu miomap v3.


When you open it manually, it will remain until you close it or switch to another screen. Tip: If miomap v3 want the selected point shown in the centre of the map, close and reopen the menu or miomap v3 until it closes and open it again.

GpsPasSion Forums - Updates for miomap V are available

By opening the Cursor menu manually, miomap v3 map will be moved to have the selected location in the centre. The Find menu gives you various possibilities for selecting a location. If you know at least a part of the address, this is the quickest way to find the location. The following figure shows the structure of the address-search module. The state level only appears for Australia and the United States of America.

This level is not used in all other countries that MioMap currently supports. Miomap v3 list of recent cities and states is the entry point of the module. The green rectangles are the exits. You can complete your search by selecting the centre of a settlement, the midpoint of a street, an intersection of two roads, or an exact address.

From this point you can go forward down to give the name of the street, then the house number or intersection, or backward up to change the city, state or country to search. The first line of the list is always the city you are in or near to Europe, Asia and USAor state you are in Australia. Should the settlement you are miomap v3 for appear on the list, just tap it and you will immediately jump to the Street Name Input screen with the selected city name or postcode shown at the top of the screen.


If the desired settlement is not displayed, use the arrows in the bottom right corner to see more of this list. This function leads to a reliable result only if GPS position is available, and you have not disabled Lock-to-Position by moving the map. If you find that the list of recently used cities contains settlements you will not visit in miomap v3 near future, you can choose miomap v3 empty the list by the Clear button in the bottom left corner.

Download miomap v3 updaterex.

This will take you to the city name or postcode input screen, where miomap v3 can select the desired city by entering a few letters of its name or some digits of its postcode, then select from the list of results automatically given by the program if the matching items can be displayed on one page, or displayed on more pages if you tap Done after entering some letters. Note: Postcodes may not be available for the selected country. In this case you need to enter the name of the settlement. You only need to enter the first few letters, as the program only searches among the settlements that exist miomap v3 the given state or country. If the name of the settlement is of more than one word, the searched pattern can be any or the combination of those.

Install the program and execute it whith the device miomap v3. You get several updates. Mio MioMap v Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Mio MioMap v User Manual.

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